When was the last time you had your saddle fit professionally checked?

Why not book in now for the health and comfort of your horse and your peace of mind.

Jo is a qualified Equine Ergonomist with Saddle Fit 4 life and is the first person in Australasia to be awarded with this certification.

An Equine Ergonomic Evaluation is extremely informative and will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to do ongoing basic checks yourself as well as expert advise for your horse and yourself.

If you have any doubts about your saddles fit, download the 9 point saddle checklist.

ask the question?

We must ask ourselves how much better could we ride and how much better could our horses perform if our saddles:

  • Fit optimally?
  • Accommodated each horse’s unique conformation and natural asymmetry?
  • Were built for the differing anatomy of men and women?

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We are a network of professionals dedicated to protecting horse and rider from long-term damage. We are working to improve the health and well-being of horses by raising industry standards on saddles and saddle fitting.
— Saddle Fit 4 Life