• Equine Ergonomic assessment (saddlefit check) up to two saddles - $80
  • Equine Ergonomic assessment (saddlefit check) & measure-up for new saddle - $150
  • Barefoot Hoof Trim - $45
  • Barefoot Hoof Trim + Shoe Removal ($5 per shoe) - $65
  • Equine Muscle Rehab (Soft Tissue Release) - $70
  • Riding Lessons - $65
  • Equine Training (groundwork or ridden) - $65
  • Boutique Agistment (prices starting at $10 per day, view all agistment options)
  • Slow motion videoing & gait evaluation with footage supplied - $70
  • Eagala Model single session 60 minutes - $250
  • Eagala Model group session $250 first person, $25 each extra person, 60-90minutes                         

Please be advised that travel charges apply when I travel to you.

This pricing structure is effective immediately & is subject to revision periodically.

Every effort is made to keep pricing competitive.


Riding Lessons



Boutique Agistment

Prices starting at $10 per day, view all agistment options.


Muscle Rehab

Equine Muscle Rehab (Soft Tissue Release) - $70



Barefoot Hoof Trim - $45
Barefoot Hoof Trim + Shoe Removal ($5 per shoe) - $65

Cancellation Policy

I earn a living by providing these services & in order for my business to remain sustainable I require at least 48 hours notice of your intention to cancel your booking.  If you provide less than 48 hours notice of cancellation,  you will still be liable for 50% of the booking fee.  If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be liable for 100% of the booking fee.  This may be waived if we both agree that there were emergency circumstances beyond your control.   I will contact you via facebook messenger or text asking for your final confirmation of the booking but this is a courtesy, not a requirement on my behalf. It is your responsibility to be prepared for your booking.
Travel runs are planned according to confirmed bookings & the travel route is mapped out for efficiency to cover the shortest possible route.  I am rarely able to change this due to the number of clients involved & their locations.