How is your horses back health?

NOW is a really good time to do a thorough check on your horses back health. If you don't fix any problems now you may not be able to enjoy riding as much in the warmer months, not to mention how your horse feels about it all. I am certified with Saddlefit4life to assess the fit of your saddle which is absolutely crucial to your horses back health & comfort as well as your own. I also recommend Muscle Rehab treatments to ensure the soft tissue is relaxed & not tight & constricted causing pain that just doesn't go away whether under saddle or grazing in the paddock. I'm highly surprised that soft tissue release treatments isn't listed in the treatment recommendations as it is non invasive & doesn't require manipulation.

Photo: Alexandra Beckstett, The Horse Managing Editor

Photo: Alexandra Beckstett, The Horse Managing Editor

Psyllium, Magnesium Sulfate's Sand Clearing Ability Studied

This is a good time of year to do this as pastures are low & slow growing so a higher incidence of sand intake & worm recycling. Be mindful that Magnesium Sulfate is Epsom Salts & has a dehydrating affect on the horses body so ensure adequate water is available & be a good idea to lighten the workload so not too much sweating if being fed this. Ideally this is good to do a week or so before worming. This is to ensure the gut walls are as clean as possible so your worm treatment can do its job properly.

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No horse is immune from getting a hoof abscess

No horse is immune from getting a hoof abscess but if your hoof maintenance is not up to scratch, your horse is at much higher risk. Particularly if the hoof is overgrown, cracked, broken away, has seedy toe, thrush, unhealthy frogs or chalky soles, you are directly putting your horse at risk. A hoof abscess is extremely painful as it bursts it's way through good tissue, trying to find a way out.

Signs that your saddle doesn't fit your horse.

With the competition season upon us this is an ideal time to have your saddle fit checked. The last thing you need is downtime when your athlete or riding partner is out with a sore back & you want to achieve the most from the effort you put into training. A little care now can save you & your horse a lot of grief over the coming months. 
If you are noticing some resistance in your horse & it is due to body discomfort for whatever reason then a Muscle Rehab treatment will make the world of difference. This is a non-invasive, non-manipulative soft tissue release with lasting effects that make doing the work so much easier. 

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If your horse's saddle fit needs assessing or your beloved needs his body loosened up, contact me.