For the horse to want to perform at their best they need to be comfortable on their feet, in their body and mind and in the gear we put on them, including the way we sit on them.
— Jo Picket, Donovan Park

Offering professional training and rehabilitation services
for your equine partners.


Jo Pickett, the owner of Donovan Park Sport Horses & Rehab Services is committed to the mental and physical wellbeing of your equine partners, whether for sport or pleasure.

Situated 30 minutes from Launceston, Donovan Park backs onto thousands of acres of state forest and includes an all-weather arena, round yard, electric fencing and white-sight lines.

Services include;



Find out about how we are working to improve the health and well-being of horses by raising industry standards on saddles and saddle fitting. 
Jo is a qualified Equine Ergonomist with Saddle Fit 4 life.

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Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association

EAGALA - an international nonprofit association for professionals using equine therapy (horse therapy) to address mental health and human development needs. Jo is now qualified to practice eagala.

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